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Get Actionable Insights From Your Nonprofit's Website Analytics

Stop guessing about what's working and get expert, actionable feedback on what you should (and shouldn't) be tracking to help your nonprofit raise more money, recruit more volunteers, and increase online engagement.

Stop spinning your wheels and get the clarity you need to make measureable improvements to your online presence.

If you're like most nonprofits, you understand the value of a data-driven approach but struggle to actually implement the concepts when it comes to your website. Traffic, bounce rates, pages per session, goals - what's important to track? What isn't? What metrics are right for me?

Or maybe you've chosen a few metrics to improve, and even meet regularly with your team to track them. But you're failing to see any measureable difference, and you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you're doing something wrong. Am I tracking the wrong numbers? Are we making the wrong changes? Is this data-driven thing all it's really cracked up to be?

Chances are, you've failed to draw the "red thread" of strategy through your data that allows you to see the bigger picture.

The reality is that your data is not very useful without the proper context behind it. Until you understand why a particular metric matters to you (and develop the discipline to say no to many other good metrics) then you'll just be going through the motions of being data-driven.

And even if you choose good metrics, it doesn't mean they'll automatically start trending upward. Identifying actionable improvements, running experiments, and measuring results can be frustrating and difficult. You're so close to your numbers that it becomes difficult to think clearly.

How An Analytics Roadmap Works

Clarify your vision and goals

Do you have a clear, documented vision for where your nonprofit's digital presence is headed? Have you set specific, measureable goals for your website over the next 3-12 months?

In this step, you will get crystal clear on what tangible outcomes you are hoping to see from your website and how you will measure high-level progress against your vision and goals. Without this clarity, you will struggle to develop the focus and discipline to move the needle on crucial website metrics that feed into your larger organizational goals.

Narrow your focus to a small number of highly relevant website KPIs

You might have high-level fundraising, volunteer, or advocacy goals, but do you know what low-level website metrics feed into those goals? What things should you be tracking to forecast progress against your larger goals?

In this step, you will choose a limited number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are highly correlated to your goals and can be easily tracked on your website. With these KPIs documented and shared with your team, everyone will be on the same page about which needles are important to move, and which ones you are saying "no" to right now.

Plan a simple reporting system to regularly evaluate your progress

You've set goals and defined KPIs, but how are you going to report against them? Do you have the proper tracking set up and a system to review your metrics on a regular basis?

In this step, you will create a plan for how you will track and report against your metrics on a regular basis. If you need to add additional tracking or customize the configuration of your analytics, you'll have the knowledge of what needs to be set up to successfully track and report against your KPIs.

Identify actionable improvements

Now that you have a plan for reporting against your metrics, what do you actually need to do to improve them? What actionable steps can you take to move toward your goals?

In this step, you will receive a list of highly-actionable improvements (we like to call these hypotheses) you can make to your website and online presence based on an evaluation of your analytics against your goals and KPIs. You can start immediately implementing these improvements and measuring their impact against your analytics.

You Might Be Asking Yourself...

So who are you, again?

We're Brooks Digital - a nonprofit-focused digital agency that specializes in building evidence-based websites. We work with our nonprofit clients on an iterative basis to help them build data-driven websites in Drupal and Wordpress that generate measureable results.

How long does this whole process take?

Depending on your availability to meet with our team, the entire process usually takes around two weeks from start to finish. You should expect to set aside 3-4 hours of your own time to work with us during the process.

Will I have something to share with my staff/boss?

Absolutely! At the end of this process, you will walk away with a roadmap of your website vision, goals, KPIs, reporting plan, and actionable improvements you can share with your team, boss, or board.

Will this cost me an arm and a leg?

The cost of the analytics roadmap is under $2,000 and has been designed to deliver you tremendous value. We're confident that the clarity and insight you'll gain from this process will be well worth your investment.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

If you are not satisfied with your roadmap for any reason, we will refund you 100% of the cost within 30 days of completion. We want this process to be as risk-free and painless for you as possible.

Why should I choose you instead of someone else?

Great question. For starters, this roadmap process is tailored specifically to nonprofits. And unlike other firms, we provide recommendations based on an evidence-based, iterative approach to improving your website (instead of a big overhaul every few years).

Ready to Get Started?

Stop spinning your wheels while you watch your analytics stagnate (or slowly decline). Request your analytics roadmap and get the clarity and insights you need to move your digital presence forward.